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Desktop wallpaper 13: Work in Progress

Sometimes it annoys me when someone gives his/her “constructive criticism” in the middle of my designing process. I think it would be cool to have a progress bar on my forehead saying “designing please do not disturb” . . . or then again maybe not.

Anyway I just created a progress bar wallpaper. Maybe next time when someone peeks behind your back you can show this so they will just keep their opinions to themselves until your work is done.

To download click the image > right click > save image as . . .

How about you? Does it bother you?


Desktop Wallpaper 009: Something fishy

I always wanted to create a Koi art. Took me 3 months to create this fish, and somehow this one is not quite what i have in mind. But i’m happy with the result and that’s important. 🙂

Desktop wallpaper 007: Who’s following you?

I wanted a James Bond inspired wallpaper for the 007 wallpaper, but i came up with something else. Let’s just say James Bond played pacman at least once in his lifetime . . .

hmmkay. . . 😐

This is actually my first attempt to make a black background for my desktop wallpaper. hope you enjoy this! 🙂

Desktop Wallpaper 006: Euphoria

Chocolate covered strawberries, vector arts, and learning something new, are some of the few things that can make me happy. What about you? what are those things or events that can make you smile like this ^__________^ ?

Here’s the tutorial of this mouthwatering chocolate covered strawberry. *drool*

Desktop Wallpaper 005: Grow up

Another geeky wallpaper. hehe! :p

Project 100 desktop wallpaper: 004 Get a life

Geekiness (if there’s such a word) is the inspiration behind this design.

Project 100 desktop wallpaper: 003 The 80’s

I am a fan of the 80’s music and one of my favorites is “Take on me” by A-ha. Love the song and the video. 🙂

so while downloading this wallpaper I’ll also leave you guys with this song . . .

roll betamax!

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