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So what’s for dinner?

I may not treat you out for dinner BUT I can give you this free sushi wallpaper! No you can’t eat this but you can use this as your desktop wallpaper or maybe for something else. Hope you like it. 🙂


Free download


Desktop Wallpaper 012: Love that keeps on giving

Although a lot of women are expecting to receive gifts today (or in some countries men are expecting to receive gifts today) I on the other hand prefer to give gifts. Early this morning I gave chocolates to my colleagues, not the expensive ones though. Just to brighten up their day (mind you this is a gloomy valentine’s day).

And of course I won’t limit myself to the people I work with, If I’m going to spread the love then I should go world wide. So here another free wallpaper download for you guys.

Happy hearts day! 🙂

wallpaper size 1920 x 1200


Also if you want to learn how I created the wallpaper click here.

Desktop Wallpaper 006: Euphoria

Chocolate covered strawberries, vector arts, and learning something new, are some of the few things that can make me happy. What about you? what are those things or events that can make you smile like this ^__________^ ?

Here’s the tutorial of this mouthwatering chocolate covered strawberry. *drool*

The Start of a new project

Most of the bloggers I know are into the 365 project. 365 Project is basically posting 365 blogs in one year, which means you post something daily, well that’s goal. Unfortunately I realize I can’t possibly do it. I tried to do it for seven days—creating a vector artwork per day—and failed.

so yeah, 365 project is not for me. *boo*

BUT, I am willing to do 100 desktop wallpapers before the year ends. ^___^

so without further ado my dear friends here’s desktop 001 entitled “Breakfast”. The rational of the design?

I’m hungry.

uhm . . .  that’s my rational. 😐

oh! and by the way you can download the desktop wallpapers for free. yey! 😀

For more 365 Project inspiration read this article. 🙂

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