Coffee and Yanangski

Once there was an Arabian shepherd named Kaldi who owned very curious goat, named uh. . . Bantay (invented name). On their usual walks along the mountains, curious Bantay went on a different direction. He/she/it then discovered a shrub with bright red cherries. Kaldi found his goat dancing, yes dancing, around the bush. He then discovered that the red cherries are also good when boiled. He then shared his discovery to his monk friends and they later exploited his discovery without his knowledge. The monks became rich and poor Kaldi remained an Arabian shepherd stuck with his curious goat Bantay. Coffee was then spread around the world, thanks to the monks and their overnight prayer meetings!

Yearsss later, coffee makers and instant coffee were invented. Yanangski, not her real name, a young girl from the Philippines discovered the wonderful taste of coffee and danced around the dining table commemorating Bantay and Kaldi’s  discovery.

Self portrait “The coffee cup girl”

Yanangski is also a coffee lovah. She loves arts  and some of the great artists like Leonardo “the main man” from Vinci, Alphonse Mucha, Norman Rockwell, and Picasso.

She believes that God, no not coffee, is the the source of her creativity. If you think her artwork is really awesome and worth sharing please let her know. She would love to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting, you deserve a  cup of cappuccino. *cheers*


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