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Artworks for a Wedding Invitation

A dear friend of mine, who’s getting married on January 2011, asked me to design for their wedding invitation. I was excited (ecstatic even) to start illustrating for the invitation. Once they told me that they will be having a fairy tale theme for their wedding, concepts kept popping inside my brain and my right hand so itching to draw.

It took me about a week (I think) to draw these using adobe illustrator. And since I have a day job and all, I can only draw for 4 hours max at night. Beyond those hours I will have to put coffee IV in me just to stay awake. Indeed the spirit is willing but the body is weak. 😦

Here are some of the illustrations I did for the invitation.

This is just the upper part of the scroll invitation. Wedding information were removed.

I’m so excited for the wedding! Congrats you guys! 😀


Excuses, excuses!

Please forgive me for not updating this blog!!! T_T

Here are my *ahem* plausible excuses

• Busy

• Not inspired enough

• Busy

But actually the real reason is . . .

So please forgive me. And to appease the gods I actually have a lot of projects lined up for Coffee Cup Stains.

What??!! You don’t believe me?!

(-_-) sigh . . . I don’t blame you.


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