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Desktop Wallpaper 006: Euphoria

Chocolate covered strawberries, vector arts, and learning something new, are some of the few things that can make me happy. What about you? what are those things or events that can make you smile like this ^__________^ ?

Here’s the tutorial of this mouthwatering chocolate covered strawberry. *drool*


Desktop Wallpaper 005: Grow up

Another geeky wallpaper. hehe! :p


Learned something new today. I learned how to create a dreamy semi-vintage effect. yey! Here’s my sample work. 🙂

view tutorial here

Project 100 desktop wallpaper: 004 Get a life

Geekiness (if there’s such a word) is the inspiration behind this design.

Project 100 desktop wallpaper: 003 The 80’s

I am a fan of the 80’s music and one of my favorites is “Take on me” by A-ha. Love the song and the video. 🙂

so while downloading this wallpaper I’ll also leave you guys with this song . . .

roll betamax!

Project 100 desktop wallpapers: 002 Lunch break

The idea behind my 100 Desktop wallpapers is to create simple, direct, and clutter free designs for your desktop (and mine as well).

I hate clutter, that’s why I only have 3-5 icons on my desktop the rest are located on my (icon) dock below my screen.

If you love clean, simple and direct to the point ideas, you can download the desktop wallpapers here in Coffee Cup Stains. Enjoy! 🙂

The Start of a new project

Most of the bloggers I know are into the 365 project. 365 Project is basically posting 365 blogs in one year, which means you post something daily, well that’s goal. Unfortunately I realize I can’t possibly do it. I tried to do it for seven days—creating a vector artwork per day—and failed.

so yeah, 365 project is not for me. *boo*

BUT, I am willing to do 100 desktop wallpapers before the year ends. ^___^

so without further ado my dear friends here’s desktop 001 entitled “Breakfast”. The rational of the design?

I’m hungry.

uhm . . .  that’s my rational. 😐

oh! and by the way you can download the desktop wallpapers for free. yey! 😀

For more 365 Project inspiration read this article. 🙂

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