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Typography: 2 Timothy 2:20,21

I discovered I enjoy doing typography designs. Hope I can post more verses and quotation soon. Are their verses or quotes you want me to design? Let me know. 🙂

2 timothy 2:20,21


How to effectively ruin your designers creativity?

If you are working with a designer, or you probably know one, you might want to read this.


1) Don’t pay them

Designers are humans too so we need money for food, shelter, and clothing. We also need to pay our bills. Yes, we love designing but we need food, coffee, internet, equipments, etc. to design. So yah, we need (not just want) money.

How about pro bono projects? Then acknowledge the designer. A simple thank you won’t hurt OR you can refer them to a client who can pay them. Designers, like any human being, respond to incentives.


2) Criticize their work . . . while they are still working on your project

You want us to drop your project? Go to our desk while we are still in the process of designing and criticize everything: the color, the font, how your logo should be placed, the designer’s taste, the coffee he/she is drinking, the music he/she is listening to—EVERYTHING. And after that we will go to happy places like this, this, and this.

And your project . . ? What project?


3) Do not trust their creativity

Designer are not called designers for nothing. So please trust our expertise. If we say that the animated gif sparkles on your website doesn’t look nice, it doesn’t look nice. I also recommend that you read this.


4) Treat them like slaves

Designers need to rest too. Give them some time to relax, to think, and enjoy life. Burn out is a dangerous enemy. No matter how good the designer is, rest should not be taken for granted.

Content is king

This is what my boss would tell us, and this statement is indeed true. This is not a theory this is a law that most clients, copy writers, and designers should know and apply.

I often get frustrated when some clients don’t give much effort on their content and expect me to come up with a brilliant design.

A good design without a good content is like a fireworks display on some random street show, it can “wow” you for a while and after a few minutes of dazzle you go home and forget what happened. You burn money for nothing.

Content is the backbone of the design. And the design will attract people to read the content. Design and content is a partnership. I’ve read an article a few weeks ago (I apologize I forgot where I found this) and this quote sums it all up:

“No matter how great a designer you are, you’re only as good as your content.”

Give me a good content and I will give you a great design. Give me a bad content and I will still give you a good design. But I have to warn you though, some people will take their time to read. And a crappy content brings crappy results.

Now my challenge as a designer is to ask and (politely) force my clients to come up with good content. To help them and give them ideas that can spark creativity and attract potential buyers. Also, to my fellow designers, be a copy writer as well.

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